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Plumbing Maintenance for Your Home’s Sump Pump

Whether you know it or not, your sump pump that is located in the basement of your home is always working efficiently to prevent water damage and flooding. It is often overlooked, but if this pump is neglected, it can mean serious damage to your home that can be very costly to repair. Knowing what it is, how it works, and how to maintain it can help you avoid costly damages.

sump pump maintenance

What is a Sump Pump and How Does it Work?

A sump pump is an electrically-operated water pump that sits in a relatively small basin. It is usually located in the basement of a home and remains dormant until water levels reach the pump. Its main function is to drain water that has accumulated in the basin due to rain or natural groundwater. Once water levels have dropped low enough, the pump automatically turns off, usually without the occupants of a home noticing anything has occurred.

A sump pump carries out this process regularly to rid your home of groundwater and prevent flooding. It’s normal for it to be activated, so if you happen to notice that it has activated, there is no need to be alarmed. However, in the unlikely event that your home does flood, your sump pump could be helpful in draining large amounts of water.


Why Do They Sometimes Fail?

Like other home utilities, these devices have the potential to malfunction and possibly fail. There are several reasons why this can occur:
Power Failure – Because a sump pump is an electrically-powered utility, if you experience a power outage, your pump can stop working.
Improper Installation – If a sump pump isn’t installed properly, it can cause a variety of problems.
Lack of Maintenance – A well-maintained sump pump is less likely to break down than one that has been neglected.


How to Maintain Your Sump Pump

Luckily, maintaining a sump pump isn’t a strenuous task. It is recommended that it be activated every two to three months to ensure that everything is working properly. To do this yourself, fill the basin with water and watch to see if the device drains the water efficiently. Some other things you can do to maintain your sump pump are:

  • Listen for any unusual noises.
  • Check that the GFCI electrical connection is working.
  • Look for evidence of wear and tear on the cord to the pump.
  • Clean the bottom of the basin.


Looking for a Reliable Plumber in Carroll County?

If you’re confused about where to locate your sump pump, how to maintain it, or even need to have a new one installed, contact Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating. As a reliable Carroll County plumber, we can help you with all your sump pump needs and ensure that you have one that works properly and efficiently. Contact us today with any questions that you have!

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