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Outdoor Drain Maintenance Tips

Outdoor drains help to prevent water from pooling in your yard or flooding your basement. Just like any system in your home, your outdoor drains need proper maintenance to function correctly. Here are some quick outdoor drain maintenance tips to help you ensure your drain is functioning and ready for the rainy season.

rain clogs up outdoor drain

Clean Off Debris from the Drain Grate

Your outdoor drain should have a basic grate covering it to prevent any leaves, sticks, toys, or other larger items from passing through. If your drain does not have a grate, get one. This is the one tip you should do the most frequently to prevent a back-up of water in the area around the drain.

Check the Clean-out Plugs and Portals

Typically, your drain will have a clean-out plug and/or inspection portals. This plug is there to help you clear out the drain if there is ever a clog. Be sure to keep this area clean and clear of dirt and debris so if you do need to open it up, nothing falls in. Once clear, open it up and make sure there isn’t any debris inside the drain pipe. Additionally, make sure the plug has a cap and a marker to prevent hitting it with the lawn mower.

Avoid Chemical Unclogging of Outdoor Drains

If your drain is clogged or seems to have a slow flow, avoid using chemicals to unclog your drain. Yard and driveway drains aren’t directed towards a waste-water treatment facility, so whatever chemicals enter them will make their way back into the waterways. Instead, clean your clogs out with a hose or hydro-jet. If you’re not comfortable using one of the various drain cleaning tools, contact a Maryland plumbing company today for help.

Check the Drain’s Termination Area

The “termination area” is a fancy word for where the draining pipe or french drain ends. Once you find the end of your outdoor drain, we suggest cleaning out as much of the debris that you can reach with a shop vac. Then, be sure to tidy up the area, grate, and surrounding rocks to prevent a large critter from entering your outdoor drain and making a home.

woman sketches her Maryland outdoor drain system in a notepad

Sketch the Layout of your Outdoor Drainage System

If this is your first time doing maintenance for your outdoor drainage system, then you probably didn’t have a sketch showing where all of the pipes were laying. A good outdoor drain maintenance tip is to draw a sketch of where all of the components of your outdoor drainage pipes are in your yard. This way, when you go to perform outdoor drain maintenance again you will know where everything is.

If your drainage system is clogged, or if you need help with installing or updating your current outdoor drain, get in touch with Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating. For over 20 years Michael Runk has satisfied the plumbing and heating needs of residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing, water and heating customers in the Carroll County, MD area. To schedule an appointment, call Michael Runk at 410-781-6791 today!

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