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Is Your Shower Losing Water Pressure?

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as getting into your shower just to feel the water cascade over your body with inadequate pressure. At this moment there’s not much you can do; the shower needs to happen, as does cleaning yourself, but it’s clear that your water pressure isn’t going to be helping you.

Your shower could be losing water pressure for a number of reasons, but none of them are too small to call your local Eldersburg plumber and none of them should be ignored. After all, why let the problem get worse when you know you’ll only like getting clean less and less.

A woman checking to see if her shower is losing water pressure.

Problems At the (Shower) Headwaters


Sometimes low water pressure in your shower can be easily fixed. The first step is generally to check your shower head to see if it’s been clogged. If you’re comfortable taking the contraption apart to look it over, you’ll be looking for anything getting in the way of water exiting the shower head. Wipe it away to get back to satisfying showers.

Dirty Deposits

Just as it can get clogged, your shower head might need a clean that goes beyond simple unclogging. In some instances, hard water deposits can build up on the shower head. You might be able to clean these off, but it may be worth looking into replacement heads and a local plumber for installation.

Old Low-Flow

Some older shower heads are designed to be low-flow which means you’ve probably never experienced the full pleasure of a shower under that head. If pressure is falling even further with this type of shower head, it’s time to look into having a plumber help you get a modern upgrade.

Problems in the Channel

Broken Bathtub Diverter

It’s possible that the faucet spout diverter between your shower head line and bathtub is broken and be incorrectly diverting pressure resulting in a decrease in pressure when you go to shower. This situation calls for an experienced and trusted professional plumber so you can swiftly regain your desired pressure.

Faulty Water Pressure Regulator

A broken or miscalculating water pressure regulator will soon drive you mad if you’ve looked at it and all readings tell you that things are running fine. A plumber will be able to better assess the sitaution and diagnos the issue.

Mixing Valves

Your hot and cold mixing valves could be improperly aligned, or aligned not to your liking, which requires immediate attention from a professional plumber.

Final Solutions

If none of the above possibilities answer the question of your shower losing water pressure it’s possible that the problem extends system-wide beyond just your shower and maybe even to your water main. If you’ve gotten this far you’ll likely already using a plumber and we urge you to not stop and continue to let the professionals finish fixing things.

Is your shower losing water pressure? It might be one of these problems which means it’s time to call a local Eldersburg plumber. Contact us at Micahel Runk Plumbing and Heating today to service your Frederick, Carroll, Howard, Baltimore, or Anne Arundel County or Baltimore City shower before you’re covered in suds and it’s too late.

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