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Is Your Dishwasher Giving You Trouble?

Have you ever come home after a long day at work to a sink full of dirty dishes? Days like this have us rejoicing that the dishwasher was invented. But just like your other household appliances, the dishwasher, too, is at risk of malfunctioning with regular use. Take a look at these common dishwasher issues and tips on how to troubleshoot them!

A dishwasher full of clean dishes

The Problem: The dishwasher rack doesn’t roll in and out properly.

The Cause: The dishwasher rack’s wheels are likely cracked or damaged.

The Fix: DIY  – Replacement rollers and wheels are available online, and you can usually find them for purchase on the dishwasher manufacturer’s website.

The Problem: The dishes are clean but not dry once the cycle has completed.

The Cause: Your dishwasher has a heating element inside of it that dries the dishware. The heating element can open up and stop working properly. This dishwasher component is not as easy to find and replace as the wheels, so it’s best to hire an expert.

The Fix: Call a professional plumber.

The Problem: The dishes are dirty after a wash cycle.

The Cause: If you know you used the proper amount of dishwashing detergent and your dishes are still dirty, the spray nozzle inside your dishwasher could be clogged. Detergent and minerals can build up inside the nozzle, keeping it from cleaning dishes effectively.

The Fix: DIY – Use a dishwasher cleaner and and repeat a few times per year for best results.

The Problem: The water isn’t draining from the base of the dishwasher.

The Cause: The dishwasher’s drain hose is often times connected to your garbage disposal, so it can become clogged. If there are no noticeable clogs in the filter or drain hose, however, you will need to have your dishwasher inspected and repaired by a licensed plumber.

The Fix: Call a professional plumber.

The Problem: There are streaks and spots on dishes after cleaning.

The Cause: If you have hard water, mineral deposits can cause white streaks and spots on your dishes, even after they have gone through the cleaning cycle.

The Fix: DIY – Use hard water cleaner in your dishwasher every few months, and add water softener before using the dishwasher’s rinse aid feature.

The Problem: The dishwasher runs for too long.

The Cause: If your dishwasher is taking longer than normal to run a full cycle, the water temperature might not be hot enough. The temperature should be at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s not, a professional will need to raise the thermostat setting on your water heater.

The Fix: Call a professional plumber.

Looking for a reliable plumber in Carroll County, Maryland to help you troubleshoot your dishwasher issue or other plumbing problem? Contact the experts at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating today!

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