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Is my Sump Pump Running too Often?

Having a sump pump in your home is a great way to prevent water from making its way into your home during a hard rain or heavy snow. Occasionally homeowners run into an issue where their sump pump runs too frequently, for no apparent reason. There are several causes of this issue, each stemming from a different problem, many of them not related to water in your basement or home. Let’s look more closely at the top reasons why your sump pump may be running on overdrive.

Is my Sump Pump Running too Often?

Installation Problems

If your sump pump runs too frequently, or even constantly it could signal a problem with the installation of the sump pump. Pumps that are too small or too large for your space may run more often than they should. Oftentimes a pump that is running too much is caused by a missing or faulty valve. If the pump was not installed correctly and the valve was damaged during installation it may have since broken off and caused more issues for the pump.

Switch/Mechanical Problems

The float switch in the sump pump lets the pump know when the pump needs to run. In some sump pumps this switch can become clogged, not letting it do its job properly. As a result the pump may either fail to run, or run continuously because the switch is not doing its job. Other mechanical problems with the sump pump include loss of power, however this is more likely to cause the pump to lose function entirely, not overrun.


Flooding in your home or the pump pit can cause your sump pump to run continuously. If your foundation is sitting on a spring or in an area with a high water table, the pump may continuously fill with water, therefore running on overdrive at all times. If this is the problem, the solution may be a little bit more complicated as it will involve new draining solutions for your home.

If your sump pump is running continuously, or far more than you feel it should be, contact a plumber today to discuss what may be causing the problem. To prevent a flood in the future you’ll want to address any issues that may be brewing. If you are concerned about your sump pump, call us at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating today to discuss any issues you have noticed. With our sump pump repair service we can quickly diagnose and fix your issue, to put your mind at ease.

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