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Getting Unclogged

One of the best ways to unclog your drains is to watch what’s going down your drains and prevent your clogs from happening in the first place. Two of the most common causes of drain clogs are hair and grease. Hair typically goes down as a single strand, but once one hair gets stuck on something in the pipe, the rest tend to pile up there as well. Grease goes down the drain as a liquid, but as the grease cools it congeals in your pipes causing blockages.



There are many chemicals in stores today that are marketed to fight through even the toughest clogs and open up your drains. These solutions may work for minor clogs or possibly restore at least a slow drain to your pipes, but there are potential dangers with using these chemicals as well. Typically the main ingredient that is used is lye, which is an acid that eats through things like hair and grease, but also skin. Lye can be incredibly dangerous if it comes in contact with your body or your eyes. These chemicals can also cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to a septic system. Nothing compares to allowing a professional, who can assess the situation, to take care of the problem.


The team here at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating has cleared 1000s of drains for our customers. Our knowledge and techniques will not only open even the most tightly clogged drains, but will also ensure that the pipe is completely clear. Making sure that the pipes are completely clear eliminates slow drains which can be frustrating and also lead to future clogs.


If you need help getting unclogged, contact Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating now to schedule an appointment using the form to the right.

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