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Does My Commercial Building’s Plumbing Need Updated?

While most commercial plumbing systems can handle quite a lot of use over a long period of time, they don’t last forever. If you own a commercial building, you may begin to wonder if your plumbing system is in need of an upgrade. There are some telltale signs that your plumbing needs some work, if you know where to look for them. Let’s look at some easy ways to tell if your commercial building needs a plumbing upgrade.

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Dirty Water

One easy way to know if your plumbing is having problems is by assessing the quality of the water coming out of the pipes. While some water problems can come down to filters in the hot water heater, oftentimes changes in the color of the water come from old pipes. Over time, pipes can rust and breakdown, leaving residue in the water as it flows through. Likewise, leaks in the pipes can allow dirt and debris to enter the water stream, leaving you with dirty water. If you’ve noticed the water quality change in your building, it may be a sign that your plumbing needs to be upgraded. Additionally, if you begin to notice residue collecting inside the toilet bowl or sink, this may be a sign your pipes need to be replaced.

Leaks and Stains

Leaks are an obvious sign that your plumbing needs repair or replacement, but sometimes leaks can be hard to detect. Major leaks from broken pipes are unmistakable, but small, slow leaks can go on for months undetected. Stains are a great way to find leaks. Over time, leaking pipes will drip onto whatever surface is below them, often leaving a stain on the ceiling or floor. These stains can show you where the leak is, and be a sign that the plumbing needs to be updated.

Physical Damage

Finally, having a plumber come out and take a look at the pipes in your building is always a good idea. A plumber can detect physical damage to pipes that you may not notice. They can not only see leaks but also rust and other wear and tear on the pipes. Having your plumbing system inspected on a regular basis can help you know when it is time for an upgrade.

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