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Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Home Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Did you know that your home’s plumbing system makes up about 15 percent of your total home value? That means that you should never overlook your plumbing. There are things you could be doing daily, weekly, and seasonally that will ensure the health of your plumbing system and prevent problems from occurring.

Michael Runk Seasonal Maintenance Tips


Clear Clogs Immediately

Clearing clogs as soon as they become prevalent will help prevent a blockage. A small clog may not seem like a big deal at first, but it can quickly turn into a costly blockage.

Run Cool Water After Using the Garbage Disposal

Running cool water after using the garbage disposal is one way you can clean your garbage disposal and prevent buildup. Run the water for about 15 seconds after you’re done using the disposal. 

Be Cautious About What You Put Down the Drain

Items such as grease, eggshells, and oils should never enter your drain. These items can create a blockage and wreak havoc on your entire system. 


Check for Any Signs of Moisture

Every week, check underneath your sinks for any signs of moisture. Aside from seeing water directly underneath your pipes, some other signs of moisture include:

  • Discolored pipes
  • Mold
  • Mildew


Clean Lint Traps

Your washing machine’s lint trap quickly becomes dirty. If it isn’t cleaned weekly, it can lead to costly repairs and even water contamination. 

Test Sinks and Showers for Slow Drainage

If you notice a sink or a shower is draining slowly but can’t identify the cause of the slow drainage, it most likely means that the problem is inside the pipes. If that’s the case, you’ll need to have a local Frederick County Plumber fix the problem for you. 


In the Fall and Winter

During the cooler months, be sure to disconnect hoses, shut off valves, and insulate pipes. That will protect your plumbing system during the cold months ahead. 

In the Spring and Summer

In the warmer months, make sure you continue to check for leaks and monitor appliances. If you have an exterior sprinkler system, be sure to clean sprinkler heads regularly during this time. 

Once Every Season

Just like the seasons change, your plumbing system changes too. That’s why every season, you should schedule inspections and maintenance services from a professional plumbing company. 

Here to Maintain Your Plumbing System

Michael Runk Plumbing & Heating is here to keep your plumbing system intact all year round. Whether you need emergency plumbing services or want to have regular plumbing system inspections, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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