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 Commercial Plumbing Problems You Cannot Ignore

Your commercial building’s plumbing structure is set up to handle a bit more use than the plumbing in your home. However, there are still plenty of common commercial plumbing issues that you should always keep an eye out for:

A row of sinks in a commercial space

Clogged Drains

Commercial buildings tend to see more traffic than residences. Because of this, you may have little control over the carelessness that can occur with your plumbing fixtures. Customers or employees can wash debris or harmful chemicals down the drain that can cause clogs or deterioration of your pipes.

Leaky Faucets

Even small leaks can lead to your commercial building losing gallons and gallons of water every year. It might be easy to ignore, but inefficient plumbing can cause your water and sewer bills to skyrocket. Another danger with leaks is that most of the time, all you are aware of is the water leaking from the faucet head. What you might not be able to see are the leaks happening beneath and behind the walls where your plumbing fixture sits.

Toilet Issues

The most common issues that occur with commercial toilets are:

  • Toilet Constantly Running – If the toilet is constantly running, it’s a definite indication that something is wrong. Sometimes a jiggle of the handle can remedy the issue, but if that doesn’t help and you still notice the problem long-term, it’s best to have a professional inspect the toilet and plumbing for damage.
  • Clogs – Like sink drains, toilets see their fare share of plumbing abuse. People tend to flush items that they think are safe for the toilet to handle, but most of the time there’s a clog, it’s because something was flushed in the toilet that was either more than toilet’s capacity to flush or an item that was not meant to be flushed at all.
  • Broken Handles – Believe it or not, toilet handles aren’t typically made to last the lifetime of the toilet. Commercial bathrooms see heavy use, and your toilet’s handle can become fragile, weak, and broken after years of use.

Bad Smells

Smells of sewage or mold are usually an indication of a serious plumbing issue in commercial buildings. Bad smells can be due to a sewage block somewhere within your plumbing, and mold or mildew smells typically indicate standing water that is likely caused by a hidden leak.

If your commercial building is experiencing any of the plumbing issues listed above, it’s best to call in the professionals. Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating is a commercial plumber in Eldersburg. Contact us for more information on our services or to schedule a service appointment today!

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