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Broken Glass in Your Garbage Disposal?

We’ve all dropped a glass only to see it shatter, sending shards everywhere. Picking up and finding all of the pieces can be a hassle, especially considering the threat of missing one and stepping on it later.

Breaking glass in your sink may not seem like a massive problem, but if you have a garbage disposal it can be quite dangerous. Removing glass from your Eldersburg, MD garbage disposal is no easy task, which is why we wanted to go through the process step by step.

Broken Glass Garbage Disposal

1. Turn Off the Power

The very first thing you should do when performing any kind of Eldersburg garbage disposal repair, is to not only turn the power off on the disposal, but to switch off the breaker as well. Being in the business we’ve heard far too many horror stories of people who were working on their garbage disposal only to have it turn on. Stay on the safe side and completely cut the power to the garbage disposal off.

2. Grab the Glass Out

Don’t go just sticking your hand in there, you’ll want to get a pair of tweezers or needle nose pliers. Then begin to pull out as many pieces as you can find. Most of the bigger pieces will be easy to grab, but many of the smaller pieces can give you trouble.

3. Suck Out the Glass From Your Eldersburg, MD Garbage Disposal

If you have a Shop Vac or similar vacuum cleaner, you’ll want to grab it. Using the long-head attachment, start sucking out the glass from the drain. Keep in mind that you may need to clear the tube several times while doing this, as bigger pieces can get stuck.

4. Spin the Blades Around

The next step is to turn the blades of the garbage disposal, to make sure you’ve gotten all the glass. You can turn the blades by using a hex key underneath the disposal or by using something long like a broom handle to stick down the drain. Once the blades have been spun, use your vacuum to suck out any remaining glass.

5. Turn the Power Back On

Once you’ve removed all the glass you can, you’ll want to run some water in the sink to wash out any tiny pieces of glass that may still linger. The last thing to do is to turn the power back on and presto! Your Eldersburg garbage disposal has been repaired!

Need Some Help?

If you’re having trouble getting the glass out of your garbage disposal, then you should contact a trained Eldersburg plumber. Michael Runk has served Eldersburg and other surrounding Maryland areas for years and has the knowledge and expertise necessary to solve any plumbing issue. Give us a call today, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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