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5 Unexpected Problems Clogged Drains Cause in Your Home

If you notice a fixture is draining slowly, it could be clogged. The important thing to remember is to not overlook the problem. A clogged drain may not seem like a big deal at first, but it can cause serious problems if left unattended. Take a look at these five unexpected issues a clogged drain can cause. 

What clogged sinks do to your home

1. Unpleasant Smells

If you think about how much stuff goes down your drains every day, it should come as no surprise that they will begin to smell if left inside the drain. Food, hair, waste, and other gunk will cause bacteria to form. The bacteria emit an unpleasant odor that can travel throughout the house. 

2. Water Contamination

Clogged drains due to waste buildup increase the likelihood of water contamination. This is because the water must go through the waste and bacteria to reach your faucets. When waste is stuck inside the pipes, it can also cause water to flow backward, creating dirty water. 

3. Pests

If dirty water stagnates inside your drains, it can become a hotspot for pests. This is especially true if your drains are clogged with food. Pests and insects will come into your drains, lay eggs, and reproduce indefinitely until the problem is resolved. Some of the most common insects found inside a clogged drain include:

  • Phorid flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Drain flies
  • Fruit flies

4. Health Hazards

Clogged drains can contain bacteria, mold, disease-carrying insects, and more. All of these things pose a serious health risk to you and those living inside the house. Legionnaires’ disease, peptic ulcers, respiratory problems, and nervous system problems can all result from clogged drains. These issues can also have an impact on your mental health. 

5. Structural Damage

As a worst-case scenario, clogged drains can cause significant structural damage. When drains clog, they cause water to flow backward. The backflow of water can soak into the foundation of your home and potentially weaken or damage the structure. Clogged drains can also cause significant flooding inside the house. 

Have a Professional Plumber Unclog Your Drain

When you have a clogged drain, don’t try to handle it on your own. Instead, hire the professionals at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating. Our expert plumbers will unclog your drains and provide you with drain cleaning services in MD. Don’t let the problem persist. Contact us now. 


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