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5 Reasons to Replace your Shower

Winter is a great time to start tackling those indoor home renovation projects you put off all summer. Why not start in the bathroom? Replacing your shower can be one of the smartest home improvement moves you make this season. Here’s why:

5 Reasons to Replace your Shower

  1. It’s time for an upgrade. Your shower may work just fine, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting a more modern and updated look for your bathroom. Whether you want to give it an entirely new look or keep the original style, swapping out tiles, handles, and shower doors will give your bathroom a refreshing and brand-new feel.
  2. Maximize floor space. If your current shower is bigger than you truly need it to be, save space by replacing it with something smaller. Depending on how big of a difference your downsizing makes, you may even make room for additional fixtures or bathroom storage units. Converting your bathtub into a stand-up shower is one of the best ways to maximize the floor space in your bathroom.
  3. Lower your water bill. Minimize the amount of water used (and wasted!) in your new shower by upgrading to a more efficient shower head. You don’t always have to compromise water pressure in order to save water – there are plenty of shower heads on the market today that offer a variety of settings while saving water.
  4. Address hidden problems. There could be plenty of disasters waiting to happen just below the surface of your shower, and you probably wouldn’t know it until it was too late. Opening up the floor and shower walls lets you check the condition of your insulation and piping, allowing you to get ahead of plumbing issues and leaks before they happen. This can also show you if mold is growing so that you can remove it before it causes bad odors and health issues.
  5. Make it safer. Replacing your shower with one that is more easily accessible for everyone who uses it helps reduce the risk of injury while using the shower. Install new shower flooring that is less slippery, build glass doors and get rid of flimsy curtains, and implement handles and grab bars for easier entrance and exit.


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