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5 Easy Plumbing Upgrades for Your Bathroom

When you move into your home, you often look at the kitchen, storage space, bedrooms, etc. The bathrooms can even be interesting if they have unique upgrades. However, we often wait until after the fact to make these changes. To spruce up your bathroom just a little bit, use these five quick upgrades that our team at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating can complete today.

5 quick bathroom upgrades

#1: New Sink Fixtures

New sink fixtures can make the sink, cabinets, and bathroom itself look brand new. This simple addition can add a splash of color to the room, change the overall “feel” of the space, or change the style. For example, swapping standard chrome for brushed brass gives you the “Spanish colonial” style you’re looking for.

#2: Double Sinks

You may not want to go all-in on a massive bathroom overhaul, but you might want double sinks for the master bathroom. Purchase your favorite cabinets and contact us for help. A plumber can easily run a new line for the second sink — and return to install the fittings when your cabinetry is ready.

#3: New Toilet

A plumber can replace your toilet relatively quickly, and that new toilet will change the design of the room. A modern toilet tells buyers you took care of the home. Plus, a new toilet is often more comfortable, takes up less space, and uses less water. You can conserve water and enhance the design of your home at the same time.

#4: Modern Showerheads

Adding modern showerheads to your bathroom does more than save water. You can hang a showerhead from the ceiling, install a second showerhead on the other side of the shower, or use a system that sprays water from different parts of the wall. Our team at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating deals with these new technologies every day, and we are happy to add the water lines, install the showerheads, and test the system.

#5: A New Tub

While adding a tub to an existing shower can turn out to be an expansive project, simply setting a free-standing tub in the room is cleaner and more attractive. Go for a modern tub with sleek lines or an antique clawfoot tub. We can run the water lines and drains to the tub and easily integrate the fixture into the room.

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Contact our team at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating for reliable MD plumbing services and upgrades. We can help you choose the appropriate upgrade for your bathroom, install everything you need, and coordinate with other contractors to get the job done right the first time.

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