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4 Trends for Commercial Faucets

When it comes to designing your commercial space, everything needs to be under consideration. From deciding on the layout of your commercial building down to the type of soap you want to put in your bathroom, every detail must be carefully considered. Your commercial bathroom faucets are one of the things business owners need to consider. They need a faucet that is attractive, convenient and promotes their bottom line. Here are four faucet trends that will achieve all three objectives:

Commercial Faucet trends

Water-Efficient Faucets

These days, businesses are looking for more ways to reduce their environmental impact. Switching to water-efficient faucets is one way your business can do this. People, in general, tend to be wasteful when it comes to water. With water-efficient faucets, your commercial building will use less water and help your business effortlessly become more environmentally. Your business will also have lower energy bills, therefore saving you money. 

Bacteria Killing Faucets

Did you know that there are faucets that can help kill bacteria and reduce infection? These types of faucets are equipped with antimicrobial copper-alloy touch surfaces. These types are especially helpful during these trying times. With multiple people using the sink and touching the faucet handles every day, this type of faucet is a good investment for plenty of business owners.

Motion-Activated Faucets

Business owners who want to take it a step further can invest in motion-activated faucets for their commercial bathrooms. These types of faucets are more sanitary than other types since people don’t have to touch the same faucet that multiple other people have touched. It also used less water than conventional faucets because the water isn’t left running when hands aren’t being washed underneath the faucet. 

Ceramic Disc Faucets

Ceramic disc faucets utilize two discs that move in a way that creates a tight water seal. This tight water seal is durable and impervious to mineral buildups and line debris, which means that business owners can replace its valves less frequently. It’s also beneficial for those with disabilities or health conditions that restrict a person’s grip. These handles never jam, and users don’t need to crank them to turn on and off. 

Ready to Install New Faucets?

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