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3 Ways to Avoid Burst Pipes this Winter

Cold weather can spell trouble for interior pipes and having a pipe burst in your home is serious business. This event can cause thousands of dollars in damages and can be quite costly to repair. However, prevention is key when it comes to major home repairs and today, we’re going to be looking at some ways that you can prevent burst pipes this winter. Let’s take a look.

A frozen pipe

Insulate Your Pipes

One of the simplest ways to keep your pipes from freezing is to keep them nice and warm with some insulation. Though there are many kinds of pipe insulation on the market, a simple pool noodle-style material will do just fine. Your utility company may even offer to insulate your pipes for you and if they do, let them. It’s a simple procedure with a great benefit.

Keep Your House Warm

Another way to keep your pipes from freezing is to keep your house nice and cozy. Keeping the garage door closed, turning the heat on, and making sure that drafts are sealed are all going to help your pipes stay warm throughout the winter season. If you plan on going away for a vacation, don’t set your heat any lower than 55°.

If, like many people, you prefer to turn your heat down at night, consider only adjusting it a little bit. Cold snaps happen and you don’t want to wake up to frozen pipes, so keep your heat on at night.

Let Your Faucet Drip a Bit

Though a leaky faucet may be a problem for your home, when the temperatures drop to 20° and below, you should leave a faucet to drip through the night. The reason we do this is to minimize the pressure within the pipes. After all, pressure is what causes the pipes to burst in the first place.

When water freezes within your pipes, it expands and causes pressure to build within them. That pressure is what causes the pipes to burst. Letting a little bit of water trickle through the system at night can help relieve that pressure and avoid disaster!

Worried About Your Pipes Bursting?

If you’re concerned about your pipes or you have questions about keeping them safe, give us a call today. Here at Michael Runk, we’re here to help you as your local Eldersburg plumber.

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