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The Value of Experience

September 12, 2012

Nothing compares to experience when you need a good plumber. While an inexperienced plumber may do a shoddy job, charge more for more time, respond when they feel like it, or charge for unneeded parts, experience can go a long way. The difference is not only in the plumber’s performance with the job at hand, but in the way they’ve learned from mistakes in the past (not using you as the guinea pig!) the ways they’ve learned to fix things in different ways depending on the situation, and the knowledge base that they bring to the table to answer your questions.


More Experience, More Expertise
We bring to the table over 20 years of solid experience in helping people with every plumbing problem under the sun. With that depth of experience, we’ve also broadened our expertise to a wide variety of related services, including working with water treatment systems, sump and well pumps, boilers, water heaters, and more. So you get the convenience of having us as a one stop resource to fix everything.


Speaking of which, did we mention how fast we are? We pride ourselves on responsiveness, swift and efficient repairs, and our 24 hour emergency service to boot.


But with that swiftness, we always make sure to deliver quality workmanship. That’s the difference experience makes! We’ll get the job done right, the first time, and answer all of your questions.


…And Affordability!
But for us doing a better job doesn’t mean charging more. You can rely on us for affordable plumbing service that won’t spring a leak in your wallet. We offer fair prices and value the relationships we build now with our satisfied customers for the long haul.

Become a customer yourself by contacting Michael Runk Plumbing today!


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