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December 6, 2012

Did You Miss Small Business Saturday? Local Plumbing = Better Plumbing

Why is it better to hire a local plumbing company rather than a national home improvement chain or a conglomerate like ServiceMagic? The answers are simple. Going local is faster. It’s usually cheaper. And it can provide better quality service.


Less Time

When you have a burst pipe or leak, you want a plumber fast. Obviously, the plumber closest to you–typically a local one–would probably arrive first on the scene. Larger corporations may potentially have more people on hand, but may not necessarily be within a close radius of your home. When there are multiple plumbing emergencies happening simultaneously, it’s easier for a small local team to immediately know who’s on call and respond reflexively, beating out the bulkier, slower giant.


More Affordable Pricing

It pays to weigh the overall value. With ServiceMagic, contractors pay it for leads, and both parties get a cut. That overhead adds to the final pricing, so you’re actually less likely to get a good deal. If they do offer a comparable price, ask yourself what you’re really getting for your money. If the contractor is getting less, they’re probably less experienced and/or putting less effort into the job than a non-ServiceMagic bidder. The likelihood though is that your local plumber will be just as affordable, if not more so, because they know the value of building a dependable relationship. You’re also less likely to get that personal touch from a national chain.


Better Quality

Having less available leads than national chains or ServiceMagic forces local plumbers to really know their stuff in order to stay in business. Michael Runk Plumbing has been serving counties throughout mid- to western Maryland for over 20 years, and is ready to serve you. Contact us today at 410-833-8340 or at mrunkplumbingandheating.com


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