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Energy Efficient Plumbing

September 26, 2013
Category: General

Everyone and his brother is trying to go “Green” nowadays. Whether it’s recycling, using florescent lights, or buying a car with high gas mileage, everyone seems to be making an effort to be more efficient and easier on the environment. But did you know that there are options like these for plumbing?…


Dealing With Hard Water In Your Home Proactively

August 21, 2013
Category: General

Did you know that over 85% of the United States has hard water? This means that almost everyone in the country has had to deal with hard water at one point or another. Hard water can cause many issues, ranging from filmy hair to higher utility bills.…


The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

July 19, 2013
Category: General

Picture this: it’s early in the morning, you’re just getting up for work, and you haven’t had your coffee yet. You turn on the hot water in your shower – only to find that it’s ice cold! Yikes – now what?…


Why a Licensed, Experienced Plumber is a No-Brainer

June 19, 2013
Category: General

A great many people call themselves plumbing experts, but that doesn’t mean they’re anywhere near as qualified as a plumber from a licensed and bonded agency. Michael Runk Plumbing & Heating is a licensed and bonded plumbing and heating company with dependable and experienced technicians.…


Questions You May Have About Hot Water Heaters

May 9, 2013
Category: General

Hot water heaters – almost every home has got to have one (and if you don’t, you’re going to be taking a lot of very, very cold showers). But maybe you need to have a hot water heater installed or replaced.…


Getting Unclogged

March 26, 2013
Category: General

One of the best ways to unclog your drains is to watch what’s going down your drains and prevent your clogs from happening in the first place. Two of the most common causes of drain clogs are hair and grease. Hair typically goes down as a single strand, but once one hair gets stuck on something in the pipe, the rest tend to pile up there as well.…


Commercial Plumbing Projects Done Right

February 14, 2013
Category: General

If you’re looking for a plumber for repairs or installations at your place of work, you’re looking for 3 things: speed, reliability, and affordability. Michael Runk Plumbing & Heating offers commercial plumbing that’s exactly that — plumbing done quickly and efficiently, by experts with quality materials and tools to get the job done right, all for a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere.…


When Plumbing Repairs Can’t Wait

January 17, 2013
Category: General

We’ve seen it all before. A slip in the shower. A bump of a plate doing dishes. A toilet flushed one too many times. And all of a sudden, your bathroom or kitchen has geysers shooting everywhere like a waterpark. Towels, sock ties, mops, and buckets only get you so far, and it doesn’t take long for Mom and Dad to finally have “that jacuzzi they always wanted”… only, in the middle of the hallway.…


Go Local

December 6, 2012
Category: General

Did You Miss Small Business Saturday? Local Plumbing = Better Plumbing Why is it better to hire a local plumbing company rather than a national home improvement chain or a conglomerate like ServiceMagic? The answers are simple. Going local is faster.…


Expertise Before Aesthetics for Your Plumbing Project

October 18, 2012
Category: General

So maybe you’ve watched Trading Spaces, While You Were Out, and every other home improvement TV show spin-off imaginable. You may have also liked, followed, Google alerted, and stalked every Bob Vila comment out there. Maybe you’ve even memorized what Wilson Wilson’s face looks like from Home Improvement.…


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