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How to Unclog a Drain Sink

June 22, 2017

It’s an inevitable occurrence that your sink will clog at one point or another. Ditch the Out-of-Order sign and use these helpful tips for unclogging your sink drain!

Flush with Hot Water

Flush hot water down kitchen sinks with slow drainage. There are plenty of materials that go down your kitchen sink that can leave buildup in the drainage pipes, especially if your sink has a garbage disposal installed. If your sink is slowly draining, but isn’t completely blocked, it is a safe practice to pour a large pot of boiling water and a tablespoon of dish soap into the drain to break up grease and other buildup.

Don’t add Water to Complete Clogs

Add water to a drain that is completely blocked or clogged. If your sink drain has a complete clog and is not draining at all, do not add any water to it in hopes of unclogging it.More effective unclogging methods are needed when your drain is fully blocked.

Use a Plunger or Drain Snake

Try a plunger or drain snake on light clogs. For slow-draining sinks, tools like a plunger or drain snake may be highly effective. Light clogs sometimes just need a little extra push to help get the buildup or debris unstuck.

Don’t Plunge a Sink with Chemicals

Use a plunger and chemicals on the same drain. The chemicals that make up most drain clog removers are harsh and potentially hazardous if they come in contact with your skin, eyes, mouth or nose. Plunging a sink with a clogged drain after you have poured these chemicals down it can cause the remover to splash out of the drain and harm the person plunging.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Think twice before picking up the Draino. Harsh chemicals should be your last resort when trying to remedy a clogged sink drain. These hazardous solutions can often damage older metal pipes and can soften PVC piping and create even larger issues for you.

Call in a Plumbing Service

Don’t try to tackle tough clogs on your own! The best action to take when faced with a plumbing issue is to call a licensed expert. This ensures that the job is done correctly, and no mistakes are made. Hiring professional help will also guarantee that your drain is unclogged in a timely manner, and helps eliminate the risk of leaving you without a working sink for an extended period of time.

Michael Runk Plumbing & Heating is a licensed Hampstead plumber servicing Carroll County, Maryland. We provide full service of plumbing, water, and heating units to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Contact us for help with your plumbing repair needs today!


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