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Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

September 7, 2016

commercial plumbing issues

While your home’s plumbing only has to manage the needs of your family, a commercial plumbing system is required to feed water to considerably large amounts of people. Commercial plumbing is responsible for keeping a business open and functional so keeping your commercial plumbing in tip top shape is vital. Knowing the most common commercial plumbing issues can help you to better diagnose issues early and have them looked at by a professional plumber.

Leaky Faucets and Fixtures

Leaks are bound to happen to every plumbing system eventually. Because the demand on a commercial plumbing system is so great, you’ll find they leak sooner than residential systems. The most common cause of a commercial leaky faucet or fixture is a worn gasket or o-ring. Cracks and pipe damage are more severe but after years of wear and tear can occur. You should always address leaks immediately to save water and money and to prevent bigger problems from occurring.


Toilets and drains in commercial areas are very common. This is a result of waste and toilet paper clogging the toilet or debris blocking a drain. These issues are unpleasant for the owner and consumer and should be remedied immediately to prevent health violations and a bad business reputation. Minor clogs are usually easy to clear with a plunger but a more persistent clog may require a plumber.

Silent Leaks

Silent leaks are leaks that are undetectable and most commonly take place underground. You will find silent leaks take place most often in the hot water system. You can sometimes detect these issues by seeing a variation in water or energy invoices.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventing common plumbing system issues in your commercial building involves developing a relationship with a plumber and scheduling regular yearly or bi-yearly inspections. In addition to having a plumber check the building, you can learn to identify common issues and make sure to manage them buy doing routine checks. If you spot an issue, address it right away – don’t wait and let it become a plumbing emergency!

If your commercial property is in need of plumbing repair or regular preventative maintenance, contact Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating to schedule a free consultation and estimate.


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