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Saving Money on your Water Bill

March 3, 2017
Category: General, Tips

If you’ve just moved into a new home and your water bill is a lot higher than you thought it would be, here are some ideas on how to save money on your water bill. Sink Aerators Aerators are neat devices which attach to the end of a faucet and essentially introduce air to the flow of water.…


Why is my Toilet Running?

February 10, 2017
Category: General

Ever have that moment where you hear a weird noise in your home and stop in your tracks to try and find it? If your ears lead you to your toilet because your toilet is running constantly, there are some things you can do to fix it.…


Why We Offer 24 Hour Plumbing Services

January 26, 2017
Category: General

Here at Michael Runk, we make it a point to let you know that we offer 24 hour plumbing services. We want you to know, no matter the time or day, we are here to help you. Regardless of the issue, from faucet to sewer, with just one quick phone call we are there to help.…


When Should I Upgrade my Business Plumbing?

January 16, 2017
Category: General

When Should I Upgrade my Business Plumbing? Wondering if it’s about time to upgrade your business plumbing? There are a few situations where a plumbing upgrade is necessary or recommended, and it’s extremely important you do those upgrades as soon as possible.…


When to Replace Your Well Pump

December 27, 2016
Category: General

Water well pumps are used to extract water from a water well. The majority of well pumps are submersible pumps, where the entire assembly is submerged into the water to be pumped. It is important to have your well pump inspected every couple of years to ensure that it is running properly.…


Do My Pipes Require Regular Maintenance?

December 14, 2016
Category: General

The water and sewer pipes in your home are in use every day and are an important part of the structure and functionality of your home. Aside from normal wear and tear, other problems can occur that you may not notice on your own, like leaks or clogged pipes.…


What Are The Best Plumbing Brands?

November 22, 2016
Category: General

At Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating, we invest a lot in the brands we choose to assist you in your plumbing and heating needs. We pride ourselves on using only the best and most reliable plumbing brands and are confident that they will provide us (and ultimately, you!) with the best possible equipment on the market today.…


What Should I Do About a Leaky Faucet?

November 4, 2016
Category: General, Tips

Plumbing leaks are never pleasant to experience. It is pertinent that leaks are detected and fixed as soon as possible to prevent severe damage to your home. Some leaks are easy to fix on your own, and others require professional help to repair.…


Should a Plumber Install My Fixtures?

October 6, 2016
Category: General

Many homeowners consider changing out a bathroom faucet to be a simple do-it-yourself project. While this seems like a smart and cost saving project, you might be setting yourself up for a disaster down the road. Installing new plumbing fixtures isn’t just about turning a wrench, it requires an understanding of basic plumbing, especially if something goes wrong.…


What is Jet Lining?

September 20, 2016
Category: General

When most people think of a clogged drain, they’ll picture the kitchen sink or perhaps a garbage disposal or toilet clog, and the means to clearing the clog as a chemical, plunger, or light plumbing service. But what about big drain clogs or major clogs to a plumbing system?…


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