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Winterizing Your Plumbing: How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

October 28, 2014
Category: General

Maryland winters are mild in comparison to Maine or Colorado, but we still get our share of cold and crisp days and nights when the temperature drops below freezing. When this happens, pipes in our homes can freeze and burst, causing a big inconvenience and significant damage to your property.…


Save on Water Bills With Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

September 26, 2014
Category: General

Having water readily available anywhere we go, we don’t think twice about using it as we please. Take the Ice Bucket Challenge, for example. Popular initiative for a good cause, it did get quite a bit of criticism for all the wasted water, given the drought in California and fresh water shortage in many parts of the world.…


Hiring a Plumber vs DIY

September 5, 2014
Category: General

Oftentimes it can be tempting to tackle major home repairs or remodels yourself. While some jobs may be a simple fix, many can end up costing you in the long run. When it comes to plumbing it is important to know what you are up against.…


Modern Plumbing Options

May 28, 2014
Category: General

Most people are concerned about their home being eco-friendly. With apprehension about global warming, it’s important to take our carbon footprints into account. Not to mention, more modern options for outfitting your home will save you money in the long run!…


Common Plumbing Mistakes

April 24, 2014
Category: General

Whether it’s by way of a botched DIY project or an inexperienced plumber, mistakes are occasionally made during plumbing jobs. Not only can a bad plumbing job cause discomfort, it can also lead to trouble when the homeowner wishes to sell the house.…


5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

February 26, 2014
Category: General

Plumbing is a field that is subject to many stereotypes and myths. Stereotypes about plumbing are often old and well-established, but this does not mean they are factual. Let’s take a look at several common myths about plumbing that are untrue.…


Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

January 21, 2014
Category: General

When it comes to plumbing systems, the commercial variety are a completely different animal.  The size and scale of the system and the different types of equipment involved create different potential problems compared to a residential system.  Below are some of the worst offenders.…


Always Ready in Case of Emergency

December 26, 2013
Category: General

Plumbing should be out of sight and out of mind – and when it’s functioning properly, that’s exactly how it acts. Of course, plumbing emergencies are always right there to bring your piping systems right back to the forefront. There is nothing worse than waking up to find a flood in your basement or kitchen – but don’t worry!…


The Dangers of Not Preparing Plumbing for Winter

November 14, 2013
Category: General

Have you prepared your home plumbing for winter? If not, you are leaving your home plumbing system open to many risks over the cold winter months. Not preparing your home for winter can lead to frozen pipes, in turn leading to costly repairs.…


Standard vs. Super Efficient Water Heaters

October 29, 2013
Category: General

When shopping for water heaters, there are a lot of factors of which the average homeowner may not be aware. Cost, energy source, brand, capacity, the list goes on. But probably the biggest concern, especially with today’s poor economy and poor environmental footprint, is how energy efficient is your water heater going to be?…


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